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What is Ollee?

Ollee is a digital friend for children aged 8-11– created by Parent Zone and funded by BBC Children in Need’s A Million & Me initiative. 

It helps them explore feelings around things like school, family, friends and the world – and share advice with you or another trusted adult.

They can tell Ollee how they’re feeling – happy, sad, worried, confused or something else – and it will give them ideas about what to do. Even if they’re not sure, Ollee will help them figure it out.

Parents and children can share Ollee’s advice and talk about feelings together through connected accounts. Adults can also explore the different emotional scenarios a child might be experiencing – with tailored parenting advice. 

Parents can also access a hub and find articles for them to help them think about wellbeing. This hub features engaging wellbeing videos – promoting mindful activities like guided breathing and positive visualisation – helping children process powerful emotions.

Try it out now in a web browser or download the app to your device:

Order your free Professional Support Pack

The Ollee Professionals Pack is designed to help you use and share Ollee with the families you work with.

It includes an information sheet that explains what Ollee is, a social media pack and a video introducing Ollee. You’ll also get flyers to help you share Ollee with both children and parents – plus a version that can be edited to your specific needs.

Simply fill out the form to download them all. 

To find out more about Ollee, have a look at our FAQs

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