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How to carry Parent Info on your own website

There are two ways to embed Parent Info, the free expert advice service for families from Parent Zone and CEOP, into your own website.

These are instructions on using an iframe feed (scroll to the bottom of this page to see what it will look like on your site).

Click HERE to find out about how you can also set us an RSS feed to access Parent Info.

  • First, sign up for Parent Info HERE.
  • Then, choose which Parent Info content you want to carry.
  • Most subscribers choose to take all articles. You do this on the Articles page by copying the code in the block to the right of the page (which you can see once you're logged in). 



  • If you want to choose one particular subject or selected feed (eg: Primary only) simply click on that on the grey panel on the left hand side of the screen, and use the code you will see on the right. (See above.) The Primary feed consists only of articles that don't cover some of the more serious subjects Parent Info offers advice on, such as online sexual abuse. Special needs highlights articles with particular relevance to parents of children with SEND.
  • Create a new page on your website, or choose an existing page to paste the feed into. 
    NB: You may need to first paste the code into Notepad (PC) or TextEdit (Mac) to 'clean' the code before pasting into some content management systems. 
  • Disable rich-text in the body text box where you want the feed to appear, and then choose filtered-html or HTML in the Text format box. 
    NB: some content management systems will look different to the images shown here.



  • Paste in your code and then Enable rich-text.
  • Your feed should show up once you save the page. 

Notes on using iframes

The iframe contains only titles and summaries of articles. Clicking on the title will take readers to the Parent Info site to see the full article. You can control how the iframe is positioned on your site, but you can't control the content within the iframe (once you've selected it). You can always change your mind. The default Parent Info iframe code uses CSS style to specify some basic presentation which you can edit: height: 500px – this should make the iframe high enough to show most items within the height of the web page; if not all items are visible there will be a vertical scroll bar width: 100% – this makes the iframe take the full width available on the web page border: 0 – this hides the iframe border and makes the content appear to be a seamless part of the web page.

Here's what it will look like. Readers will be able to scroll down and click on the articles they wish to read.