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A parent’s guide to Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, or VR, is about to become consumer reality with a new wave of VR headsets hitting the shops in the run up to Christmas. Here's what parents need to know.

Pokémon Go – a parent's guide

Pokémon Go has already become a gaming phenomenon but with reports of accidents, muggings and even the discovery of a dead body, we examine what parents can do to combat Pokémon danger.

Clash of Clans

REVIEW: Gems, Elixir and Clan Chat: what parents need to know about the game kids love to play.

Peer pressure online – a parent’s guide

We have been working with Vodafone and the Diana Awards on a project for secondary schools called Be Strong Online. It enables young people to support each other with some of the challenges they face online. This article covers one of the topics we have been talking to young people about – peer pressure.


Our latest review on the alternative to traditional text messages.

Amazon Prime/Amazon Video

What is it?

Amazon Prime is a video on demand service. It offers films and television programmes, including original content.


What is it?

Skype is a real time video messaging service. It also offers phone calls, texts and pre-recorded video messages.