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Daily memo 30 October - 3 November

Trump's Twitter account is taken down + Why teachers need to talk about emotional intelligence + Connecting new dads with their children and more...

Daily memo 23 October - 27 October 2017

Yoga is helping children with autism + How teachers and parents can use picture books to talk about emotions + There has been a call for a diverse range of mums to be represented across social media and more...

Daily memo 2 October - 6 October 2017

The Silicon Valley employees disconnecting from tech  + a future of Robot teaching assistants - but not babsitters? + What do parents want from teachers? and more...

Daily memo 3-7 July 2017

Friday 7 July: Smartphones and the rise in head lice + argumentative children doing well in the core three subjects + over a third of kids adding strangers online.