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12 ways to make connected smart toys safer

If you have already heard the hype about ‘smart toys’, you may be considering buying an internet-connected cuddly tiger or Storm Trooper. These devices can provide hours of fun by connecting to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth so they can recognise your face and talk to you. Here are our 12 top tips for buying and using smart toys safely.

Three tips for raising a child with a healthy body image

Being positive about eating and what people look like (and yes, we're afraid that means your own body, too) can make an enormous difference to how your child feels about their own appearance. Here are our guidelines for what (and what not) to do.

Three tips for starting a difficult conversation with your child

Sex, drugs, internet porn - no, no, no, you don't want to talk to your child about that! How embarrassing. Especially as you know hardly anything about any of it. But it's one of those jobs (like changing nappies) that parents are put on earth to do. Here are our tips for making it less of an ordeal.