Training to the next level
30 May, 2024
3 minute read

Training to the next level

We deliver training for children in many formats, including live streamed international assemblies and school face-to-face workshops. 

From draft stage to delivery, our expert Studio team conceptualises, scripts, designs and produces each session. Here’s how they do it. 

Presenter in studio


Telling a simple story

Each training session begins with an idea or hook. Simple but ambitious storytelling is essential to keep children engaged and challenged. 

Our writers create scripts that mix fun and interaction with educational outcomes. It might be going on a mission into an online world or solving a series of misinformation puzzles. 

Keeping children immersed is not easy – so shorter is better, no matter how tempting it is to feed in extra layers of learning.

Visuals from Be Internet Legends assembly


Making it pop

Eye-catching visuals keep children’s focus – and they must compliment the story our trainers will tell.

Our designers create experiences that are colourful, fun and easy to follow. 

We don’t want children to get bored, so to keep things moving, our sessions use gifs, animations and video to surprise and entertain the audience, while embedding the key messages.

Studio equipment


Virtual delivery at scale

After scripting and design, training is ready for rehearsal, production and delivery.

This might be for 200 pupils in a school hall – or scaled up, like the virtual assemblies we deliver for Be Internet Legends in partnership with Google. Our Safer Internet Day 2024 broadcast was joined by over 600 UK schools, and one in Brussels.

Virtual assemblies are live streamed by the production team at our Halifax studio – a facility where we can film in 4k resolution, adding greenscreen, post-production and 3D effects and renders. 

While innovative technology brings our training to life, interactive elements invite children to answer questions, vote, and affect the outcome of the story. 

Our production team can manage over 5,000 messages across a 30-minute livestreamed assembly – responding to questions, polls and special requests, like birthday mentions. 

Session trainer in front of green screen


Learning from children

Chelsea Morgan is one of our trainers who delivers sessions across all formats. She says: 

“I love delivering our live virtual assemblies because you get the sense of impact it’s having at such an enormous scale – especially when the messages are flying in. 

“At the same time, it’s great to be talking face-to-face with schools, because of what you learn from children too.  

“We can hear about the experiences of children and this can help us enhance and improve our training further.”

Virtual and augmented reality

Our 2024 school training will involve new content and learning about AI, virtual reality and augmented reality. 

Will we use this same technology to shape our training content and delivery too? Watch this space…

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