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Be Strong Online


Be Strong Online is a free programme for students to help each other explore the digital world.

Produced by The Diana Award in partnership with Vodafone, and with parent guides by Parent Zone, these resources for teachers cover issues including cyberbullying, gaming, selfies and social networking.

Be Strong Online uses a peer-to-peer approach to teach young people how to share knowledge about the digital world with younger students, giving them confidence and experience while doing so.

Be Strong Modules – free online training materials

Designed to complement the Be Strong Online Ambassador programme (find out more HERE), the online materials are designed for parents, teachers or young people to use to teach the key lessons of the Be Strong programme.

Modules including My Digital Life, Selfies and Self-esteem and Digital Detox. They can be found at

The modules help young people to encourage positive online behaviours, including lesson plans to equip young people with skills to bounce back from negative experiences. 

Schools sign up here.

Read the accompanying parent guides.