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Vodafone Digital Life Skills


The Digital Life Skills workshop is designed to give parents fun activities to take home and try with their children.

 ...and we are thrilled to announce that it is now available!

Exploring topics such as phishing, fake news and the use of tools to protect children on social media and the internet, Vodafone's Digital Life Skills workshop is designed to support a child’s digital experience and help them Be Strong Online.

The workshop shows parents how they can help their child develop resilience in an ever-changing digital world, and gives them a selection of fun activities to try at home, including a game that you can play for yourself here. The workshop will be available in nine of Vodafone's global markets and delivered by Vodafone volunteers.

To learn more about Digital Resilience and why it's so important, take a look at Parent Zone's report, 'Ordinary Magic for The Digital Age' below, and don't forget to play the Digital Life Skills game with your children at home!