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Gifting membership

A Parent Zone Digital gift certificate allows your authority to buy membership on behalf on any schools in your area that you feel would benefit from being members of our Digital Schools scheme.

Send us details and we do all the hard for you, liaising with the school, setting them up and taking them through the resources and how they can help them support their pupils in the digital age.

Benefits include access to our online digital parenting and Resilient Families courses for every parent at each member school, offering advice on building online resilience and keeping children safe from some of the darker aspects of the internet, including online radicalisation, extremism and pornography.

There is also access to online training for teachers, governors and senior management, as well as regular resources and briefings for staff, parents and pupils.

Please fill in the form below and we will contact you to arrange the gift certificate for the schools of your choice, or contact Yasmin on 020 7686 7225 or by emailing