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Your Digital Family – the interactive online family event

Your Digital Family is a free, fun and interactive quiz event – helping young people and parents enjoy a more positive online and offline life. 

UK organisations who work with young people and families can receive training, tools and support to host this event in their communities – either face-to-face or virtually over video conferencing software.

What is Your Digital Family?

Tech has become a vital part of family life. From home working and home learning to staying in touch with friends and relatives, families have been online more than ever. But young people and their parents can sometimes find it hard to agree on the right balance, and make the most of what digital offers. 

That's where Your Digital Family comes in. 

Created in collaboration between Parent ZoneFacebook and The Mix, we have developed a fun and engaging quiz event for families who want digital to work better for them. 

In 2020, more than 250 local organisations across the UK hosted Your Digital Family quiz nights in their communities, bringing families together to think about how they use tech – and what they might want to do better.

By registering for all of the free resources, you can organise your own quiz nights, whether face-to-face in your setting or virtually. 

With three challenging rounds to test a family's tech knowledge, the quiz encourages all those taking part to improve their communication around digital. In doing so, it aims to help close the gap between young people and their parents.

And the quiz event is just the start. Your Digital Family offers a range of further activities that you can use in whichever way works for you.

Who can host a Your Digital Family event?

Your Digital Family is free and can be hosted by any organisation that works with young people or families.

Who's it suitable for?

The quiz event and activities are aimed at families with secondary school-aged children.

How do Your Digital Family quiz events work?

  • As host, you'll have the tools and training to deliver a quiz to family teams, either face-to-face or over a video conferencing platform (we recommend Zoom).

  • If families are joining virtually, they will need a device connected to the internet to take part – but we also offer offline resources for families that don’t have access. 

  • A quiz event lasts around 60 minutes – but you can tailor it to your audience, and break it into smaller chunks if needed. 

What you'll receive:

  • Resources and information to promote and host the event. 

  • Interactive online training, tech advice and support.

  • Follow-up activities and resources to share. 

What you'll need:

  • A suitable venue for a face-to-face event. Or...

  • A computer or device to host the quiz night virtually.

  • Plus: the confidence and enthusiasm to host brilliant quiz events for multiple families.

The next step? Simple. Just fill out the application form to download all the resources and support you’ll need to host a brilliant event for your community. 

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