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Your Digital Family Grant Application

Before beginning your application, please ensure that you are eligible for the grant and have all the information you need to complete the application. You can find details of this below.

This can be completed by any of the following:

  • community leader

  • a parent/carer representing a community organisation

  • a young person representing a community organisation 

If you are a young advisor or a volunteer, you will need to complete this application with your coach or leader from the organisation who you want to do this work with.


Have this information to hand to complete this form: 

Contact details for the person who will be the main point of contact for the grant.

UK charity registration number/ CIC registration number/ Name of local authority


We have put together these eligibility criteria because...

You must either be:

  • affiliated with the Connection Coalition and provide us with a copy of your confirmation email 
  • affiliated to StreetGames and be able to supply your last approved application URN to demonstrate your affiliation.

You must also:

  • engage in work that supports families, particularly with children over the age of 11
  • be able to join a webinar training session on one of the dates on the drop down bar here  
  • If you are unable to attend a training session you will not be able to receive the grant.
  • have the approval of your governing board OR the authority to apply for a grant
  • be able to run your session before 31 January 2021.