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From interactive virtual parent sessions with our expert trainers, to exclusive monthly handouts covering the latest tech trends and apps, subscribers get ahead-of-the-curve resources to help families thrive in the digital world.

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Up-to-date, informed and confident about digital family life

Staying on the pulse of the digital landscape is not easy. But Tech Tips has been designed to do the job for you. Our expert team will deliver easy-to-follow advice and information responding to the tech issues affecting families.

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We’ll be with you throughout the school year with a monthly mailing containing your latest resource which you can easily drop into your mailing or newsletter.

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In your Tech Tips subscribers area, you will be able to access a library of high-quality advice handouts covering topics like screen-time, in-game chat, age ratings and popular online platforms and games. All resources are optimised for all digital devices and can be conveniently shared based on a parent’s need.


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We’ll do the hard work to help you engage your parent community with the information and advice they need. No more trawling for resources: ours are ready-made. Share promotional materials and social media posts to help promote Tech Tips Live.



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