5 ways to use Ollee in your classroom
28 Jul, 2023
3 minute read

5 ways to use Ollee in your classroom

What is Ollee?

Ollee is a digital friend for children aged 8-11, available online and as an app in the App Store and in Google Play.

Children can use Ollee to explore different emotions and issues. The app asks the user how they're feeling and offers ideas about what to do. 

There are brand new school resources for schools on the Ollee hub – including lesson plans and other classroom activities.

Go to free Ollee resources for schools

Adaptable resources for children with SEND have been developed – they include editable worksheets and flyers as well as videos with BSL. 

Go to free SEND resources.

Integrating Ollee into Your Classroom

Besides using Ollee in Social and Emotional Literacy sessions, here are 5 practical ways you can utilise Ollee in your classroom:

1. Create an Ollee emotional check-in greetings chart. 

Make a simple chart of some of the emotions Ollee shows. When children enter the classroom, they tap the emotion they are feeling as they enter school that day. This enables you to gauge the moods of all pupils in a simple and easy-to-follow-up way at the start of each day.  

2. Design and make your own Ollee in Design and Technology lessons. 

Children choose their favourite Ollee emotion and plan, design and make it. They could even explore the customisation options on the Ollee app or desktop site! This will also have a cross curricular link to PSHE as conversations can be steered towards feelings and how to overcome problems.

3. Use Ollee as a behaviour management tool. 

A visual emotional check in for pupils to use. Have fans of Ollee emotions available to children to use: they choose how they are feeling by selecting the picture and displaying it on their desk. This is also really good for SEND and EAL pupils to have available. If a child is struggling with something – they may have had a challenging break time or are finding some learning difficult – give them time to use Ollee on the desktop site or app to give them helpful ideas on how to deal with how they’re feeling. 

4. Link to learning in PSHE lessons.

When teaching about physical health and mental wellbeing and the range of vocabulary to use when talking about their own and others’ feelings you can, as a class, create a feelings word wall or thesaurus with positive and negative categories and add feelings words underneath on sticky notes. This can be added to when the class comes across new words (for example when reading the class story).

5. Plan an Ollee-focused English unit of work. 

With Ollee’s customisation options, the class or groups can create their own version of Ollee. You can follow this up with planning out character and setting descriptions, building up to writing a narrative that includes dialogue. 

We’d love to know if you’ve used Ollee in any other ways in your classroom! Please get in touch and let us know by emailing ollee@parentzone.org.uk