It’s not easy being a parent in the digital age
23 Jan, 2024
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It’s not easy being a parent in the digital age

In a world of emerging tech, parents can feel they have little experience to fall back on.

We believe they should be confident in their parenting skills and instincts. When it comes to children and technology, it’s still just that – parenting.

Father and child browsing internet


Making technology work for your family

We support families to make the most of their online worlds. To be media literate. To be aware of risks and harms, as well as the opportunities. To feel confident and capable online.

It’s not always easy. So we develop resources and information that can help too.

Learn about the digital world

The Parent Zone Library has a range of guides and videos. You can read and watch information about the most popular online platforms, and topics like screen time. Each year, over 750,000 people use the PZ Library for advice and information.
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Build healthy digital habits

The Everyday Digital programme helps parents build simple digital habits, to make them feel more in control. It only takes a few minutes a day to build your media literacy too.
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Flashcards for people with speech and communication needs
Make conversation easier

Our Talk:Tech resources make it possible for anyone to describe what they are doing online. They support children with speech, language and communication needs.
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Speech bubbles

Help and Support

If you need immediate support with an online issue, find help and advice here.


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