The future’s here. But are we ready?

Parent Zone CEO and founder Vicki Shotbolt on the rise of new technologies and the challenges facing parents to keep up.

Chatbot AI

ChatGPT and artificial intelligence

What you need to know about the AI chatbot 'ChatGPT' and tools like it. 

ChatGPT logo

The Tech Shock Podcast - season 5 roundup

Vicki and Geraldine go over some key talking points (and personal highlights) from Tech Shock season 5. 

Tech Shock season 5 roundup

The Tech Shock Podcast - Andy Burrows

Tech policy consultant Andy Burrows joins Vicki and Geraldine to discuss what AI tools – like ChatGPT – might mean for legislation. 

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The Tech Shock Podcast - Mariya Stoilova

Mariya Stoilova, researcher from The London School of Economics, joins Vicki and Geraldine to discuss digital skills and the impact of tech on mental health.

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Parent Zone and Nominet – addressing child financial harms

A new three-year initiative by Parent Zone – and with funding from Nominet – aimed at understanding and tackling 'child financial harms'.

Financial harms
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