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What is Ollee?

Ollee is a digital friend for children aged 8-11, created by Parent Zone and BBC Children in Need’s A Million & Me initiative

It helps children explore feelings around subjects – like school, family, friends and the world – and supports conversations between children and parents through connected accounts.

In the app, children can select an emotion they’re feeling – maybe happy, sad, worried or something else – and it will give them ideas about what to do. Even if they’re not sure, Ollee will help them figure it out. With prompts such as, “I feel lonely”, “no one listens to me” or “I’m growing up”, Ollee gives children supportive advice about that subject and how they feel. 

Parents and guardians can create an Ollee account for themselves, as well as their child. By linking accounts, children and parents can share Ollee’s advice and ideas together, helping to start a conversation about feelings. Adults can also explore the different emotional scenarios a child might be experiencing – with tailored parenting advice. 

Try it out now in a web browser or download the app to your device: 

Order your school support pack

You can download a FREE Ollee School Support Pack – which includes teaching resources to help you use Ollee in the classroom.

The Key Stage 2 lesson plan aligns to the physical health and mental wellbeing section of primary schools’ RSE curriculum. It includes three classwork activities, one worksheet with a separate answer sheet and one suggested homework activity.

Plus, you also get flyers for children and parents, and a social media pack so you can share Ollee with your family community. Fill out the form to download them all.

To find out more about Ollee, have a look at our FAQs.

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