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Daily memo 23 October - 27 October 2017

Image: Jack Moreh

Welcome to the Parent Zone Daily memo. Here are the stories that have grabbed our attention in education, social care and the digital world...  

Friday 27 October

Swipe for reality

Two plus sized models have deliberately photoshopped their images to make a powerful point about body positivity and social media.


Let's talk emotions!

Read how teachers and parents can use picture books to encourage children to talk about emotions.


Image: Public domain

'Yoga tells the worries to go away'

Autistic children in one school have been doing yoga in a bid to help them relax, and it proves to be working.


Filling the gap

One parent was tired of the limited information his daughter got as she battled cancer, so he made an app to help all sick children get the information they need.


Mums the word

One movement is pushing for a diverse range of mums to be represented across social media.


Thursday 26 October



Things will be different

 ‘There can be no hiding place for schools that don’t meet responsibilities to children with SEND’ says shadow education secretary, Angela Rayner, who also claims Ofsted is ‘not fit for purpose’.


Watching you

Young people at risk of being involved in crime should have their social media profiles monitored by youth workers, a probation watchdog report has said.

Make it clear

Twitter has pledged to make advertising more transparent as it attempts to fend off proposed new regulations.

The vulnerable online

Parenting for a Digital Future blog: Balancing the internet lives of looked-after children.


Geordie Shore star broke rules on Snapchat posts by failing to indicate sponsored posts.



Wednesday 25 October

The Brexit blunder

One Tory MP is in trouble after contacting universities across the UK demanding to know what they’re teaching about Brexit.


Image source: Flickr

Virtual visits

Prisoners in jail are being given the chance to see their family at home through virtual reality.


You make me feel like a teenage...dilemma 

BBC's media editor argues young people are bombarded with information everyday, which is making them more susceptible to fake news.


Keep it clean

You may not have any space in your life for certain social media networks, but all your information is still there. Here is how you can clean up your online acitivity.


'I view hurtful messages as sadism'

Six social media influencers talk about what it’s like being a woman on Instagram.


Dads and depression

A mental health campaigner has called for new fathers to be screened for post-natal depression.


Tuesday 24 October


A reason to leave

According to statistics, part-time secondary school teachers are most likely to leave the teaching profession.

Reading inspiration

Opinion: ‘We need to act before we end up with a generation of literature-phobic pupils’.

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‘Less innocent, more adult’

Research on inequality reveals the unfair perceptions that haunt young black girls.


Breaking the taboo

Find out more about the woman behind the breastfeeding emoji.

Trial and error

Facebook is testing a change that would shift non-promoted posts out of its news feed.


Monday 23 October


Blowing his own trumpet

Trump has said that if it wasn't for Twitter he wouldn't have won the race to the White House.


Save the date!

Twitter unveils its calendar for upcoming measures to address issues of user abuse.


Life in limbo

Children in care are often some of the most vulnerable. A new investigation has found such children are also missing out on places in school.


Clean up your act

Regulators want gambling companies to remove adverts from their website that can appeal to children.


Not so smooth criminal

An undercover BBC report has found that some companies are complicit in committing acts of cybercrime.