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Age ratings

How to know which online platforms are suitable.

Anonymous chat

Exploring the appeal and risks of anonymous chat.

Augmented reality

All about the new technology. 

Being a YouTuber

Advice if your child wants their own YouTube channel.

The Children's Code

Exploring the details of the Children's Code.

Crypto gaming

All about the play-to-earn gaming trend.

Digital wellbeing

All you need to know about digital wellbeing.

Encrypted messaging

What is end-to-end encryption – and what are the risks?


Find out more about competitive gaming and its benefits and risks.

Gaming mods

Exploring downloadable game moderations.

Horror games

All about horror gaming.

Influencer culture

Explaining the influencer culture phenomenon.

In-game purchases

All about gaming micro-transactions.

Live streaming

All about the culture of live streaming.

Loot Boxes

Looking at loot boxes and why they are controversial.

Messaging apps

The lowdown on platforms from WhatsApp to Signal.


Everything you need to know about the trend in gaming.


How critical thinking can help a child spot misinformation.


All about the growing crypto trend.


Advice on good and bad things to share online.


Simple ways to make passwords safer and more secure.

Screen Time

How to approach the issue with your child.

Setting Boundaries

How to decide what your child does online.

Video Chatting

How children can use Zoom and House Party safely.

Virtual reality

What you need to know about virtual reality technology.

Web-cam chatting

Everything you need to know about web-cam based platforms.